Meet The Founder & Our Team


RobertRobert “Bobby” Matthews has been a student of the markets, and an investor for over 25 years. Although he worked as a financial planner, his true interest has always been in managing investments and educating investors.

“The vast majority of traders are misguided and need to learn how to invest and put their money to work in order to get ahead financially and retire with a sense of well-being,” says Robert.

As a business graduate from the University of Maryland, William is currently a Management Consultant and has owned multiple businesses in the Eastern Florida area. He understands the importance of marrying the practical, common sense nature with our spiritual nature in our business focus.

As well as being a speaker and consultant, Robert also believes in giving back to those around him. He has worked in a volunteer capacity with not-for-profit organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce and local churches as well as national charitable organizations. Robert also enjoys working in a mentoring capacity in helping others reach their goals.


Michael professional background includes significant accomplishments and areas of expertise. With a growing portfolio of achievements, his many years of professional experience has focused on consulting and managing within the disciplines of project management, personal finance, organizational design, and business management.

He has worked with multiple private equity firms specializing in providing capital to startup companies. For optimal project value and goal attainment, he brings an integrated marketing view to all projects, ensuring all aspects of promotion and positioning are integrated within the project planning and delivery processes. Michael also brings a visionary and strategic outlook to projects along with the attention to detail to effectively execute plans on a tactical basis.


Travis is a sought after speaker on the subject of trading the stock markets. He specializes in the development of simple, robust intermediate and short term trading systems that use Exchange Traded Funds. His consulting clients include international banks, hedge funds, venture capitalists, and private equity managers. His weekend seminars for professional traders typically sell out months in advance.

Travis’ proudest accomplishment is being a father to 3 wonderful children who teach him about life everyday. His goals in the area of spirituality include the daily practice of sitting to cultivate mindfulness, which he tries to bring to everyday activities, with genuine care for everyone he meets.


Kimberly has been designing websites for more than 8 years. She specializes in corporate identity design, editing and layout for various printed media. In the web authoring environment, Kim have experience in the design and development of standards-based websites using different technologies. Kim also works in the publishing industry and offers her consulting service.

In addition to her interest in using technology creatively, Kim is also very active in pop culture, social issues, and politics. She’s an avid consumer of media, both in traditional and digital forms.